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Taming budgies is a long process

Sometimes I think I'm almost there with taming Corona and Salmon.

For now they can:

  • step up on my finger

  • eat from my hand

  • stay on my finger/top of my hand whilst we walk around the room

  • fly over from their perch and land on my head or a phone when I'm watching budgie videos

But for some reason every day, it take takes them few minutes (or even few separate attempts) to calm down when I move closer and not fly away. It almost feels like starting from scratch every day. Eventually they let me take them for our little walk around the room, but I for the first few minutes, or even half an hour, they just fly away to the opposite side of the room. I try not to chase them, or scare them, always move slowly, talk calmly, avoid sudden movements, but they look at me as if they've never seen me before. At last, when they do decide to trust me and hop on my finger, they stay there for a minute and fly away. We repeat that process 5-10 times, one after another (getting them step up, letting them go) and they get more confident each time. But next day - it starts all over again. I haven't noticed any progress in recent days.

I believe spending more time around them would help, but I give them as much time as I can at the moment.

Do you have any suggestions?

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