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ino mutation



Budgie's body colour is lacking pigment so a budgie has only its base colour: White (Albino) or Yellow (Lutino). So they both are the same mutation (known as Ino), just with different base colour.

They have no markings. 

Eyes: red with white iris when adult.

Male’s cere stays purple/pink for all his life.

Cheek patches are white. Feet - pink

albino budgie

Above - How to tell Albino budgie. The rules apply to Lutino budgie too (it's just yellow)

Dark Eyed Clear budgie

Dark Eyed Clear Mutation

Albino/Lutino budgies are very often confused with an other mutation: Dark Eyed Clear.

You produce that mutation by pairing up Recessive Pied and Clearflight. 

They resemble lutinos/albinos and the only difference is the eyes.

Dark Eyed Clear’s eyes are black with no iris.

Male cere stays purple pink all his life. 

Cheek patches are silvery or grey. Feet are light pink.

Dark Eyed Clear budgie
Double Factor Spangle Budgie

Double Factor Spangle Mutation

Another mutation that is very similar to Ino is Double Factor Spangle.

A budgie can be either white or yellow, just like the mutations above. 

It has no markings.

The difference between double factor spangle and Ino (albino/lutino) is that DFS has black eyes with white iris (when adult).

Also - its cere is royal blue for males (and usual white/tan/brown for female), whilst lutino’s cere stays purple/pink.

Double factor spangle has mottled pink/grey/blue feet (unlike lutino that has pink feet). Cheek patches are white. 

Double factor Spangle is produced by two Single factor (classic) Spangles.

Double Factor Spangle budgie
white budgies

Take a look at those 3 mutations eyes and ceres. 
Albino: red eyes (adult birds have white iris; this one on the picture doesn't yet, as it's a baby albino budgie), pink cere
Dark eyed Clear: black without iris, pink cere
Double Factor Spangle: black with iris, blue cere

yellow budgies

Creamino Mutation

A budgie that is a mix of yellow and white colour with red eyes and pink feet. Male cere stays purple/pink for all his life. Creamino isa product of an Albino budgie paaire up with Goldenface or Yellowface budgie. Yellowface type I means yellow colour restricted to the mask area only. Yellowface type II, makes albino's feathers creamy off-yellow color. 

creamino budgie

Lutino and Creamino


Creamino Mutation

Goldenface (or Yellowface) Type 1, affecting albino's face

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