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The Lacewing variety closely resembles the Lutino and Albino in terms of its clear body color, whether yellow or white. However, it can be distinguished by the cinnamon brown markings present on the cheeks, back of the head, neck, wings, and tail. Additionally, the cheek patches take on a pale violet hue rather than the silvery white seen in the Ino variety, and they feature well-defined cinnamon brown throat spots. Lacewings boast fleshy pink feet, while the males also exhibit a fleshy pink cere. The eyes are akin to those of the Inos, characterised by a red coloration with a white iris ring.

Adult males have lavender pink cere (unlike other mutations, where male's cere is dark blue). Female's cere is whitish when out of breeding condition and brown when in condition (like in other mutations)

yellow lacewing mutation budgie
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