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The biggest-to-be gallery of budgie images categorised by mutations. I keep adding new pictures to help you recognise the features of particular mutations. If you want your budgie to be added to the gallery, please send your picture to:

Watch this space! There will be more!

Important! Because budgie mutations have also secondary mutations (and a bird can be e.g. opaline mutation as well as yellow-face mutation at the same time) and mutations can mix with one another creating secondary mutations and further varieties I decided to categorise the gallery based on budgies main (base) colours, which are: yellow/green and white/blue. 

Disclaimer: All pictures are either of my own birds, or founds online. I do not own the laters, only displaying them for educational purposes. I put a lot of effort to 
assign them correctly, but if you think I made a mistake, please contact me to get it corrected. Secondly - mutations have been assigned to the birds in the gallery depending on a picture  "as it is", meaning that if only front or only back is visible on a picture - the mutation was decided based on that. (To assign a full mutation to a bird, you need to see its head, front, back, wings and tail.)

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