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Got a new budgie!

The story is: someone posted on Facebook a few days ago, they’d found a budgie in their garden and were looking for his owner. I said it’s not mine, but I’m happy to adopt the bird if no one claims him. They contacted me in the evening that day, saying I could come and collect him. 😃👍🏻 He looked healthy, vocal from the start and excited, been acting like he’s been with us forever ☺️ And really does look like he’s one of our babies! He’s even at the same age, I reckon, from the colour of his cere and moulting that has began, just like for Corona and Salmon. (His irises are already white though) 🤔

His name is Bubbles. It’s been 4 days since we got him and he’s already settled and part of the flock. He must have been at least partially tame, cause it took him a few hours to come to my hand to nibble some seeds. Either this, or he’s just following Corona and Salmon and since they’re not afraid to eat from my hand, neither is he. It’s hard to fully tame them though, cause they’re copying each other and if one flies away, so do all the others.

And that’s him below - our new little Bubbles, supposedly 4-6 months old.

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CrazycoldLily 008
CrazycoldLily 008
Jul 10, 2020

How is bubbles doing?

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