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Do all female budgies bite?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

I’ve once read if your budgie bites you, most probably it’s female. And out of all budgies I’ve ever had, only females bit me. Males were always calmer (at least when it comes to aggressive behaviour) and females were more likely to attack, pinch or bite. And with these two it’s exactly the same. She’s started biting me recently, whenever I want something from her (perhaps that’s the reason?) And him? He’s been ok until today. I think he now wants to copy her (like he always does) and bit me a few times. The video below shows her „biting behaviour”, he’s fine; I didn’t manage to record him biting me, but he did, later that day. On the positive side - I wish I had a photo or a video with them, when they sat on my phone and allowed me go and sit on a sofa with them still on my phone. They were fascinated by what they’ve been seeing; other birds, moving objects, talking people, playing budgies. And they’ve never done it before. They were interested in my phone before, once they jumped on it but quickly flew away. Today it was different. They spent good 5 minutes with me (or rather my phone) trying to figure out how to get to those colourful budgies on the screen..

I take it as a milestone in the long journey of taming them.

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