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Can budgies change colours? Yes!

Updated: Apr 9

One of the most exciting things about budgies, is that some mutations change colours as they age. A young, couple of months old bird, can be one colour and then change sometimes completely so it doesn't look like the same bird anymore. I guess, if it had not happened to my own birds, I wouldn't have believed it, because in some cases the difference is huge!

Take a look at budgies below. Some of them are mine, some I found on the Internet.

Has it happened to your bird? I'd love to see it or even add it to the website! Send me some pictures to

It applies only to certain budgie mutation that is called Yellow Face type 2, single factor. Briefly speaking - a bird's base colours are blue and white but there is also a yellow gene that comes out after a first moult (around 4 months old) and affects a bird's colouring. It doesn't happen to all bird though, only this certain mutation.

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