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At what age should budgies be taken away from their parents?

If you are thinking of getting a budgie, one of the questions you may (and should!) have is at what age young budgies can leave their parents and be given to their new owners. In this blog article, we will discuss this topic in detail.

In general, budgies are ready to "move out" when they are between six and eight weeks old. At this age, they are weaned and are able to eat on their own. However, it is important to note that the ideal time for a budgie to leave its parents and go to a new home may vary depending on the individual bird's health and development.

Even though budgies leave a nest at around 4 weeks, it doesn't mean they can solely take care of themselves. Some poor quality (or you can call then "impatient") breeders want to get rid of baby budgies as soon as they leave a nest. Young, 1 month old bird, maybe LOOKS like he's ready to live on his own, because he's as big as his parents, and can feed himself, but he's definitely not ready to be taken away. It's important to mention, that parents still feed their babies, even when they can feed themselves and are out of the nest.

How to recognise very young budgie that should still be with his parents?

  • They may still have black beak (it could be partially black/dark brown, just a tip of his beak, or have black patches)

  • They have big black eyes. Very young birds have visibly much bigger eyes than older budgies.

  • No flight feathers or long tail feathers. These take time to grow as they're the longest and the strongest, so if you see a young budgie that doesn't have his main long feathers (on tail and wings), that's very likely the bird is very young, not ready to leave his parents.

  • The sound of very young baby bugie is very different to an older one's. It's more like "gurgling" - they do it to call their parents when hungry. They also bob their heads quickly, whilst doing that sound. If you bird does it, that means it's extremely young, under a month old.

  • Cere colour. Very young budgies have cere (the part above their beak, with nostrils) purple, or lavender colour.

Look at this budgie below. The end of his beak is still darkened (it will disappear later, when he's a week or two older) The bird looks like it's ready to leave his parents but it's still too young.

Below are other pictures of very young budgies, NOT ready to leave their parents. Although, to an unexperienced eye, they may look like old enough to "move out" - they still need at least 2 weeks with their parents.

And that's a budgie that is almost 3 months old and well and ready to be rehomed (below).

When buying a young budgie, it is important to choose a reputable breeder or pet store that cares for the birds properly. A good breeder will ensure that the young birds are ready to go, healthy, well-fed, and properly socialized before they are sold.

It is also important to note that young budgies need a lot of attention and care in their new home. They should be provided with a spacious cage, fresh food and water, and plenty of toys and perches to keep them entertained. Check out our Amazon store HERE to see what cages, feeders and accessories we recommend. Everything you'll find in our store is suitable for budgies and we would never tell you to buy anything that we think it's bad for them for any reason.

New owners should also take the time to socialize with their new pet and build a bond with them. This can help the budgie feel comfortable in its new environment and develop a trusting relationship with its new owner.

In summary, young budgies can leave their parents and be sold to new owners when they are between six and eight weeks old. However, it is important to choose a reputable breeder or pet store and provide the bird with proper care and attention in its new home.

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