Bathroom Challenge update

Once I heard the quickest way to gain your bird’s trust and bond with it, is to lock yourself down with your budgie, ideally in a small room, like a bathroom...

It’s 12pm now and I challenge myself to stay here, in my own small bathroom, with Corona, all day. For now, she steps up on my finger and stays on it for a minute or two, but not much more than that. I’ve then separated her from her brother and hoping to see her trust me more by the end of the day.


Challenge terminated at 5pm. 🤷🏼‍♀️😊 I spent 5 hours with Corona in the bathroom and I’d have spent even more; but had to leave early. I was really enjoying it, but didnt take into account one thing.. 🙄 My allegry.. I had never had any pet allergies, even thought have always had some pets (multiple pets at a time in fact). Unfortunately, for some reason, I developed an allergy in last December. Since I have a few pets in my place, I wasn’t sure what my trigger actually was. Now I know 😏 Having been stuck with a bird in a small bathroom for 5 hours proved I was the most likely allergic to my budgies. My nose has been running for the last 3 hours, my eyes been killing me (they’re streaming, itching and I can’t stop rubbing them) and I’m sneezing every minute. 😪🤧😭

Already taken 3 allergy tablets (you’re only supposed to take a 1 a day) but they barely helped. Eventually I decided to stop the challenge as it’d become unbearable. 😕

Have I noticed any progress with taming Corona? Well.. hard to tell really. She spent half of the time either sitting still on my finger, or on the door frame. In the end she allowed me massage her head, which she last had allowed me when was a couple of weeks old baby and couldnt even fly. Once she landed on my stretched arm when I called her out and climbed up my arm and shoulder (which was the 1st time for her; she’s never done it before). I think we would have achieved more if stayed there for longer. A new place, new surroundings... she didnt have a chance to relax really, let alone want to play. I’m quite gutted, cause I was really determined (and practically prepared) to spend all day with her in the bathroom. Who would have thought a silly allergy could disrupt my plans...

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